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April 2016 – Evergreen Shrubs – Lawns

18 April 2016

This time of year is great for planting evergreen shrubs. Be sure to keep them protected if there are any cold spells bringing cooler winds it may pay off later on to protect your shrub from any very harsh winds. When the weather creeps more into the warmer summer a nightly spray with tepid water and mulching will help keep the soil moist to allow the best conditions for growth.

Grass is now coming back into its stonger months, therefore you will need to be cutting your lawn more often from April onwards. To prepare your lawn in the best way ready for the warm summer days in the garden, now is the time to give it a boost with a good fertiliser and to patch up any bald areas with seeds. Try to fertilise on a morning after a rain downpour to ensure that it soaks in well for the best results.

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