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29 January 2016

Hi there, this is the FJ Landscapes blog which we will be doing on a regular basis giving advice on different things you can do in your own garden throughout the year. Im sure you are aware there is such a wide variety of things you can do each month so we will be selecting a few of the important bits but also some lesser known tips that allows our blog to interest both beginners and keen gardeners.

If there is anything you were thinking of doing in your own garden or want to know about any flowers, trees or shrubs just drop us a message and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can with any advice we can offer.

Make sure you like our Facebook Page to be alerted of any new blogs we post. We invite everyone to read through our guides and join in if you have any extra advice to offer other gardeners message us and we will update our blog with your guide giving you full credit.

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