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May 2016 – Summer Bedding Plants

29 June 2016

Summer is slowly setting in and its time to go out and buy this years selection of bedding plants! In general it is best left to the later weeks of may to plant to avoid any surprise frost but this year it has been warm and looks to continue that way.

So here are some of our top tips when selecting/buying your bedding plants:

Do some research and make a plan!
However big or small the area is, planning out your budget, what colours, size and positioning of plants is always important. Backing your plan up with a bit of research, you can get an understanding of what area of your garden the different types of plants will thrive and give you the best flowers and longest life.

Dont go overboard on mixing colours.
If you know your plants and have been planting your beds yearly then you should have a good idea of what plants grow and match well together, if you do not have as much experience be on the lookout for pre mixed pallets of plants or ofcourse ask for some advice where you are purchasing. When planting try an avoid mixing lots of colours, as most of the time blocking 3 or 4 plants together has a greater effect than individual plants mixed together.

Flowers are not always a good choice.
Ofcourse you are buying these plants for the flowers, but if buying around this time of year choosing plants that have already flowered may shorten the time they are flowering in your garden, therefore choosing the ones that are still a healthy green and not yet flowered will give you longer flowering tie in the long run, although less pretty to buy will make all the difference in the height of summer.

Feel free to ask us any questions about your garden and to send us your advice if you would like to be featured on out blog.

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